Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just arrived in Delhi

Hello All,

I just arrived in Delhi the night before last. The trip itself was quite interesting. Just before I left Boston, a huge snow/ice storm hit Europe causing many delays. The morning of my flight I called Lufthansa (I flew on Lufthansa with an intended route of Boston-Frankfurt-Delhi) and the person I spoke with said up until that point, my flight was on time. I boarded my flight for Frankfurt (and was very luckily bumped to Business class! Lucky me!) and settled in, some falling asleep. Later I was woken by a flight attendant who informed me that we were going to land-- in Munich! Confused and half asleep, the kind flight attendant laughingly explained that Frankfurt was again closed due to ice and there was no other place for us to land. Soon we landed in Munich-- but being one of the only airports open there was no gate for us to park at, so we went out near the Lufthansa Cargo terminal and sat there. I fell back asleep, and a couple of hours later we took off again because Frankfurt reopened. Luckily, my second flight was much later in the day, so I still arrived in Frankfurt with plenty of time to get to my flight to Delhi. All in all, it wasn't too bad.

As we approached Delhi I got more and more excited. Sitting next to me was a very nice German woman on her first trip to India. Since I do not speak German, she gracious spoke in English (which was not a language she used often) but we were able to have some nice conversations. I also very much enjoyed Lufthansa-- which had friendly, helpful flight attendants and gate agents. A far cry from Air France! I also learned some new German words such as "Anschlussflüge" which means "arriving flight" (very useful, no?)and "guten appetit" (guess?). German is an interesting language and I enjoyed listening to it during my trip. I also enjoyed some pretty decent vegetarian airplane food-- especially in business class.

I arrived in Delhi about 1:30, and Vivek was ready to meet me. I was so happy to see him after all this time! We returned back to his dorm-- which now feels like home since I have spent so much time here. I am already feeling quite settled in and happy. The weather is very nice, sunny and warmish during the day and cooler at night. So far the food situation is going well, and I have gotten to see some of my friends. Hopefully will be seeing more soon.

I have planned on doing a picture a day type blog for this trip, but sadly I can't locate my camera right now.. I'm sure it's here somewhere, but Vivek is off at the barber getting a shave and I couldn't find it on my own, so it will have to wait for now.


sha said...

Nice post! Hope to read more of it as your trip advances! in waiting!

robotika said...

Glad that you made it ok.
Was hoping you didn't end up in iceland or something! :)

Christopher said...

Hey Linds!! Sounds like all is going well. Please stay healthy!! Murray misses you but is doing well. (He wants me to ask you if I should purchase a 2011 Maine dog license for him or will he be going to Boston with you?) We now have about an inch of fresh snow on the ground so maybe we'll have a white Christmas.

Anonymous said...

(It's Neuilly/Dorothee)

I'm so glad that even with the issues in Europe you were able to make it to Delhi on time. On luck you being bumped! So jealous :) I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!