Friday, June 04, 2010

A New Blog

Hi everyone, I know it has been a crazy long-time since I posted a blog here. Grad school has been a bit time-consuming. I just wanted to let people who may be interested know I have started a new blog in addition to this one. This blog will remain my personal blog, but the other will be focused on compassion, non-profits, and such.

If that sounds interesting to you, please check it out here: The Medicine of Altruism


A said...

Good to see you back in action.

Varun Shekhar said...

Sorry to post this remark here; it's about the "White woman alert" entry that has disappeared.

There was a comment about how Hinduism is basically confined to South Asia and South Asians, and hence you don't see the variety of race or ethnicity among Hindus that you would for Moslems( or Christians).

Very true- couldn't be truer. Actually, it is both Hinduism's good quality, as well as its 'weakness', that this is not the case i.e greater racial diversity.
Hindus, unlike Moslems or Christians, essentially kept to themselves and minded their own business for thousands of years. They did not have a policy of conversion or conquest. Their lack of pushiness and aggressiveness, so marked traditionally in Moslems and Christians, has cost them in terms of global numbers and global reach. But it is perhaps the philosophy of seeing unity and finding the underlying unity in religion, that will prevail in the long run.

Varun Shekhar said...

Hello, you can delete my above message, since I've posted it in the right place, or at least a more appropriate place than this!