Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 25, 2010- Christmas Day

Christmas was a very special day so I figured it deserved it's own post. Yesterday was a great day-- I got to see many friends and we all got to enjoy the day together. In India Christmas is a government holiday, so many people had the day off to enjoy. Vivek and I got together with our friends Manish, Sakshi, Mona, Shawshwat, Anand, Amrindra, Manjul, Sarfaraz, Nusrat and Jaya. During the day we went out to Qutab Minar-- which was bhird hi bhrid (crowded as crowded can be!). We also found another smaller archaeological site that was free and quiet and very interesting. I have been to Qutab Minar before but going as a group entailed many pictures. After we can back to campus and enjoyed dinner and a small party together. Here are some select pictures from the day:

A little boy dressed as Santa gives out candy at Qutab Minar.

Anand takes a group shot.

I think Vivek must have taken this shot (?) at Qutab Minar.
Vivek will probably kill me, but this picture of him dancing cracks me up.

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