Thursday, November 12, 2009

LinZi Update: Life and Stuff

Hello hello,

I know, I know. Again it has been forever since I wrote anything. But I have been a very busy lady!

Some updates on my life: So in the past year, I have worked five jobs... first (desperate and unemployed) I got a job as a hostess at a very unfriendly-styled managed Mexican restaurant. This being a stressful, low paying, and underemployed option, I decided to add in an internship at Barakat, a non-profit working out of Cambridge. That was pretty cool, but since it didn't pay and the other job didn't really give me work, I had to give it up. THEN I starting working at a local day care, which was enjoyable, but tiring. I have recently gotten hired for a much better paying job with full-time hours. Yay! I applied for this job last December, and was on the waiting list for a loooong time. Now, of course, that I have this job, I have already applied for the Masters Nursing program that I have been dreaming out... hooray. (More on that soon).

SO right now, I am quite busy. Working my full time jobby job, taking my last nursing requirement course, and also working part time at a library... so if any of you wonder why you haven't seen or heard from me lately... well, there it is.. business abound.

I am not complaining though. Time is going by fast, and soon enough, I will be able to visit my lovely Vivek again soon. He has plans of his own in motion.

In other news, my lovely dog Murray is trying some new meds. He has had urinary incontinence since I adopted him and has to wear a specially (hand)made doggy wrap in doors, but recently the vet suggested some meds to try, which could help. Now, I have only had them on the meds for one day, so we will see how it goes. I am excited to see, as I am sure Murray would love to run free and naked indoors and out, as a dog should be.

Let's see? What else for today. Still waiting for an news from my sponsored child Saba, so when I get an update on her, I will be sure to add the details for all you people who graciously donated to her tutor fund! :)

I guess my post was very list-y today, but hopefully there will be more posts soon with news about nursing!