Saturday, February 07, 2009



OK, okay. I know. But, it is so hard to be away from the one you love. I miss him so.

And this weather... it seems to be a never-ending snowstorm. I could do for a little sunshine.

And jobs? Don't even start. I have been applying for you jobs since September. You do the math... well you don't have to.. that's SIX months of job applications, without fruitful result. I went from applying for jobs that have to do with my (almost received) masters degree, to applying for jobs that pay decently, to applying for any and ALL jobs I can find. And I still don't have a job. Not even a quickie-mart job or anything. And, I have all this education and training and experience. I just want to put it to use.

I am doing a really great internship during this time. Which is nice, and experience. But, the thing that I really need at the moment is money. If I just had some kind of paying job, I could at least work on paying off my bills.

Lack of money is keeping me from Vivek. I feel like I want to start my 'grown-up' life, with my love, with my degree, and instead I am just in kid-land, penniless in my parents house.

So sigh. Yes, I am depressed. But, I'm still not just going to sit here!