Thursday, December 01, 2005

Phantom Pirate Ghost Cat

So my cat snoop is very talkative. He meows for everything. He meows when he sees you. He meows for food. He meows for you to open the door.

The last couple of days I thought I heard meowing, and I kept thinking it was snoop, meowing from afar, but instead I would find him curled up in a ball sleeping. It was such a quiet meowing, I thought maybe it was just a trick, so I didn't think of it, until it happened a couple times. By then I was sure snoop wasn't meowing. Curious. Still I didn't trouble myself too much, until last night I heard it again, and snoop was definately sleeping right in front of me, not meowing. I asked my roomie Ayca and she said she had been hearing the meowing too. Both of us had been thinking, maybe we just THINK we are hearing meowing, so neither of us investigated.

Last night, snoop was down in the basement playing (a terribly dingy dirty nasty place that he loves for some reason). He came up and pushed the back door open, and I happened to see him. As snoop galloped in, in his cheerful kitty manner, I glimpsed him! The phanton pirate ghost cat! He was gray and white and had a very innocent look on his face. When I went to see closer, he had vanished.

This only meant one thing. I had to get my flashlight and go explore the terribly dingy dirty nasty place called the basement. So, down I went, wearing flip flops with my socks to protect my feet from the filth. As I went down, snoop ran by, and ran around the basement in attempt to thwart me, and keep me off the trail of the phantom pirate ghost cat. After searching each and every corner, AHA! glowing kitty eyes next to the furnace. There he was! gray and white, looking somewhat confused, the phantom pirate ghost cat was found! I began to inch towards him, to ascertain his friendliness, and poof, he disapeared again. No matter how hard I searched, I could not find my phantom friend.

Now, you may be wondering, how did a phantom pirate ghost cat get into my basement in the first place? Since we have moved in, snoop has known some secret kitty entrance to the basement from outside. This entrance, is in fact, a one-way door only. Once in the basement, kitties cannot return outdoors. Snoop would then have to come up to the backdoor and demand me to let him into the house. So snoop's normal pattern would be: I let him out the front door, he goes out and plays, then he comes in through the one-way secret kitty door, rolls around in the terribly dingy dirty nasty place called the basement before meowing at the backdoor to come in.

So there are a few scenarios as to how the phantom pirate ghost cat got into the basement:

1. Snoop kidnapped him and shoved him into the one-way secret kitty door to trap him in the terribly dingy dirty nasty place called the basement where he planed to starve him and make a gray-and-white-cat-skin suit for himself.

2. Snoop wanted to initiate his new neighbor kitty friends into his fetish for the terribly dingy dirty nasty place called the basement.

3. Snoop is really secretly gay, but has not come out to me yet, and this was a secret lover's rendez-vous gone wrong. (And I do wonder after his close friendship with Tito in Boston.)

Regardless of how the phantom pirate ghost cat got INTO my basment, I now had to get him OUT. Seening as how he seemed rather slippery in nature, as well as being a phanton, a pirate, and a ghost, I thought it may be a difficult task to complete. So I went with the most simple plan: I left the door to outside open. Now, if I were a phantom pirate ghost cat, I would waver on the idea of venturing out, as to the cold enironment awaiting him, but also be excited to escape the clutches of snoop, whatever his intentions, to head home for a nice warm bed, a littler box to pee in, and some food to fill the belly.

An hour later, I went back down to see if the phanton pirate ghost cat had indeed taken his leave. I searched the basement, and did not find him, so I hope he has choosen to depart. Yet, we must remember that he IS a phantom ghost pirate, and may well be hiding, lurking, waiting..... indeed, we shall see.