Tuesday, March 02, 2010


We had a pretty big storm up here in New England this past weekend. There were wind warning, coastal and areal flood warning, severe weather warnings and the like. We didn't have electricity for 3 days, so my sister and I spent some time driving around and seeing what was going on in the area. There were tons of trees down, knocking out power lines and hanging precariously over roadways. Many were blocked. The most surprising was the flooding though. We crossed one river in the area and saw the following:

We also saw some flooded roads, like this one:

And being horribly bored and without power, my sister and I entertained ourselves at the local outlets (which somehow had electricity before the homes, of course!)

Frumpy Dress of Doom:

Everyone needs a pair of camoflage, fleece-lined crocs, right? RIGHT?

We went back two days later (still without electricity) and saw that at least this families house was no longer under water:

You'll notice that their barbecue was actually on a deck!