Monday, July 23, 2007

today= yay!

well, I just have to say, I'm having a lovely day.

here are some superb things about today:

1.) I got my (fixed) visa from the Indian Embassy, thereby granting me the privilege to go back to India for another year. I just keep carrying it around and looking at my beeyootiful visa. oh visa. so shiny. so colorful. so correct.

2.) In exactly two weeks from today I will be stepping down on Delhi soil to begin said year-long adventure. Oh I cannot wait. I need to get on my packing. I bought a very large suitcase. I am not taking the tags off yet. We will see if I will use that or if its even too big.

3.) I suddenly remembered (ok ok, I must confess, reminded me by recommending me said title) that I was once upon a time considering buying a Bollywood dance workout video. Today I was thinking, what a grand idea, a workout, some smooth dance moves, and fun all in one. So I bought:
This DVD dance workout is bhangra style (think Punjabi's bouncing around with their hands in air) and henceforth is very fun. It's not very complicated in the dance move department, but gives you basic fun moves and, boy, it does make you sweat. After finishing the workout for the first time today, I was thinking "aww, I wanna do it again" which I think is a good sign. I refrained from doing it again though, I don't want to overdo it and then not want to do the video again. Instead I will look forward to doing it tomorrow, and hopefully I will become so sweet on the dance floor. no one can stop me.


MZ said...

that better be included in your large suitcase to delhi. i want the moves!

linzi said...

oh don't worry dear, I have every intention of bringing it with me. hehe.

LeftyProf said...

Hey, have fun in India. A whole year?! I'm jealous. You'll have plenty of time to travel, I'm sure, and you probably have stuff already worked out, but you have to visit this place called Sonapani. It's the best kept secret of Uttaranchal: The best time to go is early to mid-December. I've been to all sorts of places in the mountains--there's no place like Sonapani. Oh, and while you are there, you can get a tour of the Jim Corbett National Park.
Anyway, have fun!