Sunday, July 08, 2007

i MADE something!

ok, so I am at my parents house for a month during my wait. And my mom has this sewing machine that I think maybe I tried once or twice when I was a kid, but mainly it was her domain. I never actually used it to make anything. whole.

So, here I am, stuck in Maine-land. And I realized the awesome wallet one of my great friend wendy's mom made for me a couple years ago at Christmas is getting sad and holey. So I was thinking, maybe I should try to make a new wallet? My old wallet is basically a large lined pouch that folds in half and Velcro's shut. On the inside there is a pocket for cards that also Velcro's shut.

So I was thinking, over all I love my wallet but there were a few issues.

Issue 1: Whenever I had to get my money I would have to pull everything out of the pouch, announcing to the world how much (or little) money I was carrying with me.

Issue 2: Same issue with the cards, I would have to take them all out and shuffle through them. Not to mention I have too many. And they are never organized in any order.

So regardless of who's fault this issues are (mine, definitely mine) I decided I would try and take the basic folding pouch ideal (an ideal change/random stuff pouch) and add a little pocket that is bill sized. After that I thought, why not go all the way and make some little pockets for cards too?

So today I cut up some fabric, made the various parts, and this is what I came up with:

Now, I am already thinkings as I write this that I may need to add little flaps over the card/stuff pockets so the cards don't slide out. hmmm. Also I still need to add a button/snap/or velcro closure so I can fold it in half and keep it in my pocket. But here it is, trial wallet number 1.

(oh, and by the way, it cost nothing, all recycled fabric from a trunk in the basement)

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Emera said...

Very nice Linz! I am quite impressed. I got your message on my blog. It is a little sad right now but it will get better. If you get a chance drop a line. If you can't tell by all my random messages to you, I am a little bored. :)