Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogging Madness!

two blogs in one day? madness!

The past several months, I have been rather hermatose (hermit + comatose).

So, I guess I will finally spill the beans.

I am back on my way to India for at least 10 months!
I am doing a year long Hindi Program. I did the three month version of the program last summer, and this year I hope to achieve fluency. I am really excited and I got a fellowship for the program.
So, Next month I'll be on my way. Stay tuned for updates from India.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I was just wondering where you studied Hindi? Was it a university/institute?


linzi said...

I studied Hindi in three different ways... first I used the "Teach yourself Hindi" and "Teach yourself Hindi script" books by Rupert Snell. I also took classes at my university, and I also did an advanced Hindi program with the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS)( There is also another summer language program at Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison called SASLI that you can take too (though I have not done that program)

I would say I picked up the most at AIIS because it was in the country and you are immersed in the language... :)

Anonymous said...

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