Sunday, February 21, 2010

Icky Sicky

Seems like everytime I go to India I get to experience a new and exciting ;) illness. This time, I got a normal cold right before I left. While there I drank some bad water (the fault was all mine!) and I was REALLY sick for a few days. Thanks to some lovely medicine I got better pretty quick, but I was quite weak for a while after that. It was weird, I had not really experienced the weakness of 'I feel fine until I try to walk up some stairs and then I feel like I might pass out'. Certainly a new experience. Well I recovered pretty nicely from that, but then on my long flight (a whole other story) home I started to get this strange itchy spot on my skin. By the time I got home it was a giant and horrible red raised circle and painful too!! I went to the doctor and found out I had cellulitis, which is an infection of the subcutaneous layer of your skin. Ew!

After getting on antibiotics again, I started my first semester of my nursing graduate program, which is very busy but going well so far. The cellulitis infection took some time to go away, and longer to heal. Now it has been a month and it was just about healed, when.... I got another one in a different spot. Ack. So here I am again, and wondering why I keep getting so lucky (haha). This time it is even more painful and also causing some low-grade fevers. fun fun.

My theory is that my immune system was weakened from the other two things I had, so it just is not in good shape right now. And I have the stress of grad school on top of it. Ah well, at least I get to learn about new diseases all the time for nursing! ;)


Anonymous said...

This here is Shilip, Linzi, I dont know why my email didn't connect to the site, it's

To address your points though:

"What on earth do I have to do with Alabama?"

Nothing, I am just saying that you cannot come to a site that is GEARED towards a particular minority group (especially one that isnt covered in mainstream - read: white, media) and say "how come insults against whites are tolerated but insults against 'browns' arent!?"

As for tim wise, check out his stuff here

Hopefuly this will enlighten you. pay particular attention to the very first statement in his speech.

I just find your complaints against sepia mutiny akin to me complaining about people making snap judgements against me due to race, but I've learned to expect and absorb small events because I'VE HAD NO CHOICE. Where as you likely have been devoid of such experiences (mostly) for most of your life, and only when you entered a completely different atmosphere (going to India, logging onto Sepia) do you feel it, which is why its so jarring.

Take my advice, if you want to end racism, start with fellow whites. It's people like you that have even made an attempt to understand race in a broader context that are uniquely positioned to do so.

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sure, A. :) I am checking out your blog as well.

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