Friday, December 18, 2009

Spilling the Beans

OK, so awhile back I told you I had a few more things to tell you about what's going in my life. I was waiting for everything to get planned out and all set, so here it is:

I am happy to announce that I was accepted into the direct entry masters in nursing program that I applied for this summer. I am really excited and have been running around trying to get all the requirements done in time-- buying my scrub uniform, taking a cpr class, and so forth. It starts at the end of January, and it will be a two year program.

So in two years, I will finally have a career for myself. I am also really excited about the Clinical Nurse Leader aspect of the program, as I will be able to utilize my MA in cultural anthropology to help improve care in the U.S. I am also really looking forward to using this expertise in India as well, and I do certainly plan on going back to India and I can combine my studies of child rights, education, etc with the field of medicine.

Another exciting piece of news-- I have planned a 20 day trip to go visit Vivek in Delhi before the program starts. Right after Christmas I'll be headed out. I really can't wait. Not only will I get to see and spend some more good quality time with Vivek before my academic program becomes crazy busy (the first semester will be 19 credits!) but I will also get to see my friends that I have not seen in over a year.

Anyways, that's all for now. I'm pretty excited for both of these events!


Gori Girl said...

Congratulations on the acceptance! And have fun in Delhi - January is suppose to be a great time to go. :-)

LinZi said...

Thanks! I'm very excited... my thoughts of the trip are overshadowing the holidays for me, actually! ;)

Dil Mange More (not) said...

Linzi, if I were you I'd just give up trying to reason with the Sepia Mutiny commentariat. They are racists of the most annoying and PC order.

LinZi said...

haha, I know... a lot of the people there have quite skewed views of reality. I think at this point I don't really feel emotionally invested or offended by them-- I usually am laughing and sharing the crazy things they say to/about me with my friends.

Not really sure why I bother to keep commenting, time pass I guess?

Dil Mange More (not) said...

Time pass? More like time suck.

I'd like to see them address black people the way they feel free to address white people over there.


(and that's why they don't dare)

Dil Mange More (not) said...

Reading your latest banter with Shilip over on SM. What cracks me up is her/his statement about White people enjoying privelege on the backs of people that were oppressed previously in this country: black people.

And I suppose all the doctors, engineers, lawyers and I-bankers who came over here from India, or who's parents came over here from India, have not benefitted from the free labor or low-paid labor that Black and other people have done to lay the foundation work of this country that is allowing them their upper-class privelege???

I tell you NO ENTITY is worse than an overly educated, wealthy, spoiled, priveleged DAP (Desi American Prince/ss)

They are so boorish.

And I find them insulting to Black people. And most Black people in ths country find them to be obnoxiously stuck-up.

Yet they always try to mis-appropriate the Black American struggle and experience as their own.


Anonymous said...

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