Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thought Process

I am listening to some music. I have tomorrow off from school, because of Eid. My school is awesome, we get all sorts of holidays off. But it also drives me insane when it CLOSES all the F_ING parking down because of a football game. You don't even want to see how angry I get about it. Livid. Livid. We all know how I feel about sports anyways, and then, I can't go to my GENDER CONFERENCE because of a football game? Way too angry. Isn't a university supposed to... encourage learning? Stupid People.

What else? I had an interesting Halloween,(as you can see jamie and anna dressed as soap and bath pouff and me and the dish on diwali) and did stuff on Diwali. I am really missing Boston though. Being able to joke with my friends. Have fun times. I want to go visit my friends in Boston this weekend, with all my free days, but I have to write research proposal. OOOOOOh BOSTON how I miss you. Oh friends: Wendy, Jason, Cassie, Elliot, Mike, Scott, Jon, Liz, Katie, Brad, Ko, Abby, Varun, Barry, JessO, Kelly, all of oldschool JP, I Miss You.

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Jasonic said...

wait a second... does this you don't joke with your new friends? that doesn't seem right to me. it looks like youre having a more interesting time. keep that head up. that's what Murray would say.