Sunday, November 27, 2005

I wish you only knew how good it is to see you.

I went up to Maine for thanksgiving, and brought Santhosh and Disha to experience a lovely 'traditional' american thanksgiving. We also went and say a movie at the Music Hall in Portsmouth called "Everything is Illuminated" which was excellant. Also,I got to stop by and see Abby in Portsmouth. She is working at a cool art store where I bought a wooden posable figure for drawing. She showed me her pictures from France when she travelled around with her lovely boyfriend, looks like she had so much fun.

We also stopped in Boston on the way back and we had lunch with Wendy and Varun. It was great seeing them. The whole time i was in Boston I had this huge smile on my face. It was amazing to see everyone, and to see my city. I would have loved to stop and stay awhile, maybe I can go back soon.

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