Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Truth! Discovered!

I think I have finally determined the true mixture of my darling mutt Murray the Sato(de Puerto Rico). I always assumed he was part Chihuahua, since he has a lot of very Chihuahua looking parts, though he is bigger (15 lbs.). He also has relatively short legs and a long body. Today I looked up Chihuahua-miniature Dachshund mixes and found that people have been breeding them as a new "designer" (also known as a mix of two different kinds of pure breeds) dog called a "Chi Weenie" which is nicknamed the Mexican Hot Dog. Ha. Ha. Anyways, I looked at all these Chi Weenies and it looks like Murray could definitely be such a mix, or at least something close. What do you think?

ChiWeenie Photos 1
ChiWeenie Photos 2


Heather (IndianTies) said...

Hi - I came across your blog through someone's blogroll... I just had to comment, b/c a friend's dog just had puppies - the mom is half yorkie/half long-haired chihuahua, and the dad is a dachshound. We were a little concerned how the puppies would look (let's just say they were an "accident"!), but they are super cute! Two of them actually resemble your dog, while one looks more like the first photo you posted.

All that to say, I used to live in India, am married to an Indian guy & have found your blog interesting & look forward to reading more!

Heather @IndianTies.com

linzi said...

Hi Heather,

It's great to hear from you... I love being able to connect with people with similar interests. I don't know too many other American woman like myself who are married to Indians. I would love to hear your experiences. I will check out your site.

Did the puppies turn out all long haired?

Heather (IndianTies) said...

no - i think they are short haired for the most part. one might have slightly longer hair. The mother however (the yorkie/chihuahua mix) has VERY interesting hair...it kind of just sticks out everywhere! She's a sweet dog though. :-)