Friday, November 07, 2008

I daresay, Maude, felines raally do enjoy yoga.

So, in addition to cycling, I have also been trying to do yoga regularly since I got home from India. When I was in India, Vivek bought me Shilpa's Yoga, and I must say, it's quite a good yoga dvd. It doesn't have any of the funny weird 'fad' (ahem, fake) yoga that is so popular in the U.S. this days. but rather a nice 50 min. workout that stretches and tones your body. It's good enough that I can see my body toning and getting stronger, but not so intense that it feels like a chore to do it. In fact, with the meditative breathing at the end, I end feeling happy and relaxed.

But, to the point. During the time since I have been home that there is nothing that a fuzzy little feline enjoys more than a calm, stretching, meditative human. They just can't resist. It makes for quite an awkward time. When in "tree pose" (on one leg, stretching up) or "bow pose" (on your stomach, legs bent, holding ankles and arching up) the kitty just can't resist but rub rub rub on my one balancing leg, or under my turned up chin. One might think it's frustrating, but really, I must confess, I find it entirely adorable, and can't do much but laugh when the kitty winds her way between my arms and legs when I am in a pose. Oh kitties. Indeed.

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robotika said...

I dont know. I think the kitties just love you. Even when we both did yoga they swirled around you but left me alone.