Sunday, December 17, 2006

...about you

I keep looking through my blog and wondering who is reading my blog. I usually get a couple of comments, but mainly from people I FORCE to read my blogs (aka friends and family). I was just wondering.. DO other people read my blog? Does anyone read it regularly? This remains a mystery. Maybe I don't want to know the answer.

*BUT* if YOU do read my blog (which I guess if you are reading this right now, then, you must, presumably be reading my blog) I want you to send me a comment... Tell me who you are, and if you have a blog, so I can check yours out too.

So, yeah. YOU. I wanna know.


Anonymous said...

I am one of those mysterious people that reads your blog but doesn't leave comments. So here I am making a mark on your webpage. I enjoyed what you had to say in your last post "Yes it does affect me".......well said.

I love when people comment on my page, which is not that often, so I guess I better make an effort to do the same.

-- Jennifer --

Jasmeet said...

ello Linzi, I might not be reading er blog for the first but I'm not a regular reader either. If you really wanna know how many people read your blog, how much time they spend on reading and how do they come to know about your blog, you can install a software called a stat meter. Here is a link to the

melbourne desi said...

just started reading your blog after seeing your comments on sepiamutiny

linzi said...

awesome! That makes my mind explode with joy... (well, ok not explode, but it is nice to know you are checking it out.. hope you enjoy..!)