Monday, September 25, 2006

New Study Shows America Causes Depression

Ever wonder why so many people in America have depression? I always did. So.. I did a little study. Trucked my arse off to India for three months. Sure, I was terribly sick with a baterial infection for a month. Sure it was blazing hot. But all in all, I was all smiles. OK. not ALL smiles, but I certainly was only unhappy for true real reasons. To follow up in this noted happiness, I trucked my arse BACK to the US (central NY.. oh dear).

Promptly, I noticed a lack of sunshine, and cold, rainy, dreary days., as well as a noticable lack of people. With that, a meloncholy began to grow inside me, and as now become what I call a full-blown "funk". In truth, things aren't incredibly different on the surface.. I am studying in both places, have friends, collegues, and roommates. Here I have my nice pets. So... what is the difference?

Maybe it's the soil, the air quality, or the lack of sunshine? Maybe it's the quiet isolation of the American world. ..or maybe it's just this country in general. This explains all of the depression and [over]medication going around this place. So, the conclusion of the study is that America causes depression. Perscription: move far far away.

far, far away

(and if you take this too seriously i'll smack you!)


alex said...

wow, sounds like it should be published somewhere. and its funny. ive heard there are places in america that dont cause depression. i have yet to live in one.

your sissy,

MZ said...

ha ha. so entertaining. so what are you waiting for. come back already!

dunkindude said...

LOL , i never thought somebody shared the same feelings , one thing for sure it is something with the freakish weather if nothin else ! [:D]