Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mumbai Ahmi Style

So I am heading out of Bombay tomorrow. Got in on June 5th. Been here a couple of days, have had a great time hanging out with my good friend Nikhit, his awesome cousin Riya, and his bro Vinit. My luggage was left in Paris.. so I got to buy my self some new clothes, always exciting. Finally retrieved my luggage tonight after a long but fun day in downtown. YAY! deodorant!

It's starting the monsoon season, but just has rained a bit off and on, nothing torrential. Also we say X-Men 3 today, very good. What else? I don't know. Having a lot of fun here. Nikhit has a wonderful family, and I am sad to be leaving so soon- but, ONWARD-HO to Delhi. Tomorrow my flight goes, and I will be met by Disha's very good friend Su and taken to her hostel.. Then on the 8th we will meet Disha at the airport, and I will go meet her family.

Alrightie! I better be off and stop hogging the computer. More soon.

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