Friday, May 19, 2006

prr prrrr prrrrrrr CHOMP

Dear world,

Can someone please tell me what happened to my cat? Yes, he has always been a friendly, talkative type of kitty. But the past few days..... well... he is in overdrive. Follwoing me from room to room. Standing in front of my keyboard trying to LICK me while I type. Meowing. Meowing. Meowing. Coming outside when I walk the dog. Coming back inside when I finish walking the dog. Everywhere I go, his little kitty bell is tinkling as he follows me. When I am just sitting here, he will come up, and quietly put his paws on my arms, staring into my eyes. Begging to be pet. and pet somemore. I had to cut his nails just because when he put his paws oh so gently on me, his little nails still managed to jab me.

Why oh why has my kitty gone mad? His love is just too instense. How shall I manage?


A transeunte... said...

animals are the best he have...sometimes i wish that my cat behaves more gentle...but she is very!!!!

linzi said...

of course i love my cat... this was just a joke!