Wednesday, March 29, 2006

SPCA response

So I got my SPCA response today, and I am feel like it is a cop out. Maybe. I mean... is leaving two dangerous animals chained to falling apart cars in a backyard fills with trash, feces, and broken stuff in the rain, night, cold, heat, etc legally ok? Additionally, is allowing your agressive pets to often get lose, who then attack nieghborhood dogs and try to attack people legally ok? Is every once and a while leaving the dogs in the basement for 2-3 weeks at a time NEVER taking them out legally acceptable?

If these things are all legally acceptable that makes me upset. I mean, not only were these dogs obviously suffering, but their agressive nature and insecure chains ALSO put everyone in danger, and when not in danger, in constant fear of the dogs gettings lose. For months I couldnt even park my car in my own driveway because the dog would be lunging on its chain, snapping and growling at me from about 10 feet away. Any time at all, the dog could pull its chain lose, and bam. And when the other dog (the non-people attacking one) got lose and attacked Murray because I was letting him pee in my own yard (this was before I knew how often they got lose) the owner said "Well you were antagonizing my dog by having your dog in the backyard." MY backyard.

So Anyways, here is the letter. I am still deciding how I feel about it.

Hi Lindsey,
I am so sorry for not responding to your email sooner as I have been having all kinds of problems with my email (and I'm not even sure you will get this). Regarding the pit bulls that were taken from 174 Fellow Ave while we did respond to any calls we received about them, there were no violations of law at that time that would allow us to seize the animals. As you can imagine this can be very frustrating.
As yourself, we had no way of knowing at that time that the dogs would later be abandoned, left in the basement. Please know that had we had enough evidence prior to this, we would have acted accordingly.


Jasonic said...

i wouldn't be too rough with them. service organizations like this seem to get into positions where they used to care, or at least be effective, and then lack of money, staff, management kinda killed em. like most social services in most cities. they're either clueless, swamped, or just don't care. its easy to make judgement. but its hard to say what the case is.

they really messed up tho. and that sucks. how much suffering occurred and it had the potential for more suffering/death.

why can't little Murray live in a happy world? that's all i want.

wendy said...


I'm going through comments on my last post and wanted to share something with you. If you're interested, email me:

rainbowendy at yahoo dot com


Sue said...

It is SO hard to see this stuff. I watched a dog die of heat, just a puppy. I reported that it was being tied out in the sun, without water or shelter more than once. I brought it water once and its owner caught me and threatened me. My reports weren't blown off but the officers could never get there at a time when they could witness the problem. When they finally did, the dog was dying and died in their care. The owner, as far as I know, would not give identification and was not punished.

Sucks. At least it sounds like they are gone now?